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Sunday Lately: Week 59

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I hope your day is filled with much love .  I really enjoyed reflecting upon this weeks prompts of Updating, Remembering, Needing, Wearing, and Being.  I hope you enjoy this weeks as much as I did.

Sunday Lately


While I am working to get better at regularly updating my blog, I am also trying to do the same for my other social media sites.  More specifically, Instagram and some of the sewing related Facebook groups I am in.  I am wanting to grow my blog this year and I know I have to also grow my other social medias to get there.  To achieve my big goals I need to build an engaged following.




I love the Timehop app on my phone.  I enjoy looking back at what happened in my history.  Yesterday this photo popped up in my timeline.  It was taken almost nine years ago at the Bristol Renaissance Faire.  It was side by side with a photo taken last year.  It was interesting comparing the two photos.  We have changed a lot as a couple and individuals.  We have grown stronger for the better.  I look forward to all the future memories we get to share and look back on in the next nine years.  I am also remembering making this costume and I realize that I really should get on making my new costume this year.


I struggled to find anything I am needing.  I am lucky to be at a point in my life where I have everything I need to survive.  Eric and I have had some tough times when we were still in school and just shortly after.  Since purchasing our home six years ago, we have worked hard to get to this point.  We are by no means well off and set for life, but we have more than enough to survive and be happy. We each have full time jobs that we enjoy.  We have a roof over our heads and two new cars.  Our bills are paid every month.  There will always be food for us and our four animals.  We have individual and shared hobbies.  We are much more responsible with our finances and are making progress towards our larger goals.

It is an amazingly calming feeling to be a this stage of life.  I am glad we are finally here.  I enjoy being able to help others who are not as fortunate.  Now that we are here I do try to give back more than I could before.


Right now I am wearing my pajamas, since it is still pretty early on Sunday morning.  I have no plans but to stay home and enjoy watching the snow coming today from the comfort of my sewing room.  Later I will be wearing my make from Jungle January, that I never got around to posting.  I need to photograph it today, so I can post about it later this week.


Being is an interesting prompt.  This year I am focused on just being.  Being happy. Being content.  Knowing that there is nothing we need that we do not already have is new thing.  I am learning to be happy and content with where we are at.  I am working on knowing that what we have is enough and we do not have to keep up with the Jones’.

Being adventurous. Being fun.  Eric and I probably could have joined an adoption agency already if we had been a bit stricter with our budget.  However, we really wanted to enjoy the time we have left as just the two of us.  We both enjoy travel and know that once we have a baby that will become infinitely more challenging, so while we can we want to go to places that would be a couples only kind of thing.  We want to make sure that we have stories and pictures to show our future children of us before they came along.  We want them to see that we have a  strong and healthy relationship.


Stay tuned next Sunday for these topics: Completing, Visiting, Repeating, Writing, Scheduling.

Adoption t-shirts now available

Clevenger Adoption

Unisex T-shirt $20

Hey everyone, I have something I am super excited to share with you!  Eric and I have  started a new fundraising push for our adoption by selling t-shirts through Bonfire.  I designed the shirt to represent all of you who are standing behind us, supporting us and cheering us on.  You all mean the world to us for all of the things you do and have done for us.  I chose not to put our name on the shirt or make it very specific to our adoption because I wanted it to represent an overall support of adoption and what it represents.  I really like what I came up with and I hope you do too!

Clevenger Adoption

Sweatshirt $45

We have set the goal to sell 100 shirts over  the next 21 days.  In order for this fundraiser to be successful we need all of your help!  We really want to make this work and give you all a great product for your support.  I am a big believer in getting something for any donation you make to us, so I love the idea of a t-shirt fundraiser.

We have several options available.

  •  Unisex t-shirt $20
  • Ladies slim fit $20
  • Long Sleeve $25
  • Sweatshirt $45
  • Youth $15
Clevenger Adoption

Long sleeve $25

We need to sell a minimum of 11 shirts in order for them to go into production.  This is totally doable with your help. However, if we do not hit 11 shirts sold, they will not be produced and everyone who did pre-order one will not be charged.  We do not want that to happen, so please help us by purchasing a shirt and sharing this fundraiser with your friends and family.

Once the project has successfully finished the shirts will ship out directly to you within 14 business days.  I look forward to sharing the successful results of this fundraiser with you all!

What are you waiting for? Go check the shirts out and pre-order yours today!

Mini Vacation

Hey everyone!  How’s it going?  Eric and I are doing great.  We were lucky enough to take a mini vacation to Dale Hollow Lake, one of our favorite spots, this past week to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary.  Let me tell you, we had a blast for the short time we were there.  We left on Sunday and were back on Tuesday.

Musings of a Seamstress - Dale Hollow Lake

The scenery driving through Kentucky is just gorgeous! Since we live in Indiana our drives are normally pretty flat with lots of corn and soybean fields, so being in the hills of Kentucky is a treat for long road trips.

Musings of a Seamstress - Dale Hollow Lake

Of course, I wore my own makes the entire time we were there!  Also, that tent behind us was a gift for our wedding 8 years ago that had never been used.  I am so glad we finally got to break it in and I cannot wait to go camping again with a few bits of glamping added in.

Musings of a Seamstress - Dale Hollow Lake

Monday, we decided we would hike the 2 miles from our campsite down to the marina.  I forgot my tennis shoes, so I footed it in my sandals.  Probably not the wisest decision I have ever made, but the walk was well worth it.  Next time I will remember them and we can go on other hikes, like the waterfall at Sulpher Creek.

Musings of a Seamstress - Dale Hollow Lake

I think I made Eric stop about every half mile so I could take some pictures.  I didn’t bring my camera, just my phone.  Lately, my phone has been taking far superior photos anyways.

Musings of a Seamstress - Dale Hollow Lake

Once we made it to the marina an hour later, we had to wait around for the rest of our small group (Eric’s dad and a family friend) to wake up and meet us.  While waiting I spotted this moth and was able to get super close to take this picture.  I love the coloring and the patterning.  I am feeling very inspired to make a jumpsuit out of a fabric that is similar.  What do you guys think?  Let me know of any fabrics if you spot them.

Musings of a Seamstress - Dale Hollow Lake

Eventually, we made it out on the water where we spent most of the day.  Dale Hollow Lake is a 27,000 acre reservoir on the border of Kentucky and Tennessee with some of the most gorgeous relaxing views you will ever see. With it being a Monday the lake was not overcrowded making it relatively calm waters.

Musings of a Seamstress - Dale Hollow Lake

I am not one who likes to swim in lakes, because I cannot see to the bottom.  Once, when I was a kid, I had a leach that stuck to the bottom of my foot after getting out of the lake that may have something a lot to do with this.  It takes a lot of coaxing to get me into the water, which is 84 feet deep at this point.  Once I do get in I really do enjoy it though.  Look at the color of that water!  Talk about serene blue.  I would like to say that my previously made swimsuit held up pretty well too.

Musings of a Seamstress - Dale Hollow Lake

The only new make that I brought was this previously unblogged version of McCall’s 6744.  I made it before the trip from 1.25 yards of Girl Charlee Knit Fix fabric that I got from someone on Facebook.  I left the dress/swimsuit cover up in my in-laws camper, so it may be a bit before I get it back to take full photos of.

Musings of a Seamstress - Dale Hollow Lake

We had to cut our trip a day short due to weather.  We were checking out the lodge in the Dale Hollow State Park, after we got off the boat, when the tornado sirens started going off because a tornado touched down 7 miles north of us.  We were shuffled down to the basement where we waited out the storm. The weather got pretty hinky out, which made us nervous about sleeping in our tent. We were surprised and relieved to find that our tent was still where we left it and there were only a handful of rain drops that got in, so we stuck it out for another night. The forecast for the next day was more storms, so we decided to pack up our tent that morning and head back.

All in all it was a great trip and we cannot wait to go back again.  I have only been down a few times with Eric, but he spent a lot of time down here as a kid.  This is definitely a spot we will be taking many family vacations to after we adopt.

What are some of your favorite vacation spots?

Me Made May Days 7-10

Day 7: Thursday 

Simplicity 3535On Thursday I never got around to taking a full body picture of my outfit because I was at a local artisan event called Yart Sale.  I was so busy checking out everyone’s awesome stuff that I forgot I needed a picture.  However, it wasn’t super exciting.  It was my version of Simplicity 3535 from 2011 paired with jeans.


Musings of a Seamstress

One of the things I did at Yart was go to the new local Yarn store called Yarn Stories, for a yarn tasting featuring Cascade Yarns.  It was a lot of fun.    I tried out two different yarns, the orange is acrylic and the green is wool.  Both were fantastic!  There were quite a few knitters and crocheters there.  I enjoyed talking with them and learned that they regularly meet at the shop to work on their own projects every Thursday.  I am going to try to go back there some time soon with a project to work on.


Musings of a Seamstress The Cascade rep that was there gave everyone  a skein for free too.  Mine was the coral Longwood skein which is 100%  Superfine Merino Wool.  It is so soft.  I haven’t a clue what I want to make with it just yet.  I also purchased the bright green Eco +, which is 100% Peruvian Highland Wool.  This one is also super soft and chunky.  I am not exactly sure what I will make but I know I want it so be some sort of scarf, either infinity or a large cowl.

Musings of a Seamstress MMe Made May Day 8Day 8: Friday

I wore McCall’s 6700, which I made last year for Jungle January.  I wasn’t sure about this dress at first when I made it, but it has grown on me this year.

Sadly, nothing exciting happened on Friday other than going to the grocery store. Woot!

Musings of a Seamstress Me Made May Day 9Day 9: Saturday

As opposed to yesterday, something fun did happen today.  Eric and I went to the Indiamapolis Children’s Museum with our friends and nephews.  I wore my Simplicity 1804 dress that I made last year.  We had a lot of fun at the museum with the boys.  They were super excited about checking out the Transformers and Hot Wheels exhibits.  They also had an exhibit on TV and film with some awesome costumes including Captain Hook’s pirate costume from Hook, Jeannie’s outfit from I Dream of Jeannie and both red Annie dresses from the old and new versions of Annie.  I have a lot of pictures of all the cool stuff, but they are still on my phone.  I will try to get them off and post about them this week.

Musings of a Seamstress Me Made May Day 10

Day 10 : Sunday

Then we come to today, Mother’s Day. I wore my New Look 6875 top with my Butterick 5330 skirt. Both were made in 2012.

This one day is always a bit rough.  I try to avoid Facebook like it has the plague.  I have always equated today to what Valentine’s Day is like for singles.  It is a yearly reminder that my desire for a family is still unfulfilled and I am another year older.  But it is not just me that struggles through this day.  There are also those who have lost their mothers or those that have lost their children.  Those that have strained relationships with their mothers or children.  With that thought in mind I ask that you send out a prayer for thoughts of well wishes for those who do have a hard time today.

So long 2014. Hello 2015!

I have been trying to figure out what I wanted to write for this post for the last week.  I have so much to say about what I did last year and what I want to do this year both sewing and personal.

Personally, we made some major strides towards being able to bring our baby home!!  I know I have been pretty quiet on this topic for the last 6 months.  I haven’t wanted to share to much until we were ready.  Well I have shared already how we got a new car for me that will be spacious and safe to drive our child around in.  We also renovated our bathroom, taking it from being a leaking mess to being a beautiful space.  We still have some other renovations that need to happen before, like replacing our floors that were damaged from a leaking dishwasher and water damage from when we first moved in.  These have to be replaced as the floor boards are so warped and damaged I would be afraid of our future baby hurting themselves.  However,  the bathroom and the car are not even the biggest step we made this year.  Eric has been working very hard at work for the last 8 months and it has finally paid off with a huge promotion for his work life and our finances.  So big in fact that we have a goal to be signed up with our adoption agency by April.  Whew!  Big goal but we can do it!

Sewing is a completely different story though!  Let’s start with a few stats.  I used 99.5yds of stash fabric.  Seriously, half yard off from 100 total yards.  Grrrr…. Tallying in new fabric used, I sewed up 122.25 yards!  That much fabric is gone and out of my stash!  Then on top of that number I also mailed out 378 yards through my Share My Stash adoption fundraiser!  That means I got rid of 500.25 yards in 2014.  Unfortunately, I did buy 181.5 yards and was gifted 17 yards.  Even with those purchases, I still put a decent dent into my stash.

I made a total of 25 items for myself.  With a 25% of those being tops, 20% pajamas, and 16% being dresses.  Those three categories account for 15 of my total garments.  I was going to post my top 5 favorites and top 5 disappointments but I don’t really have any.  I really like everything that I finished this year.  I also made 18 garments for others, mostly costumes.  That is pretty common for what I make for others though.  Eric is really the only other one who gets actual everyday garments.

So, with all that I have done last year I spent most of last week thinking about what I want to accomplish this year.  I have gone back and forth, and finally decided that I just can’t do it all!  🙁  I picked only a few things to focus on this year and they are some of the bigger projects I have been wanting to accomplish.

1.  Quality of quantity: Last year I started to look at buying better quality fabrics.  I am spending less and less on fabric from Jo-Ann’s and instead sourcing better and slightly more expensive fabrics online.  I want to continue this.  I still have way more fabric than I will probably ever get to sew up, so I definitely do not need to buy for quantity’s sake and my wallet could use that money for other things, like the baby!

This same theory will apply towards actual garment construction too.  One of the goals I considered making was sewing double the amount of garments I made last year. Like I said, I really want to accomplish some of the bigger projects this year to get them out of my mind and into reality, so quantity will have to wait.

2.  Blogging and social presence:  After finishing the Adoption Dress Project at the end of 2013, I took a step back from blogging and posting to most social media.  Mind you I said posting, I still stalked all the blogs and Twitter and Facebook and Instagram, but I didn’t post regularly.  I am guessing there will be a lot more  adoption info to post this coming year.  Since I am going to focus on some bigger projects this year I want to do more work in progress posts and tutorial for different techniques.  I still need to write out a plan for this though.  I am also planning on participating in more of the sewalongs and themed months.  I have already signed on to host a month of the 2015 Stashbusting Sewalong!

3.  Big projects: So what exactly are these bigger projects that I keep talking about?  Well, for starters, I am going to be working on an Albion coat for Eric this month.  I made the muslin in December and it fit perfectly.  Then the holidays got so crazy and I just haven’t had time to sit down and make the final version.

After that I am going to make new costumes for the Renaissance Festival.  These will include a legitimate long leather tunic for Eric, which I already have the leather for, and my long thought about noble costume.  The tunic won’t be too hard as the pattern and design of it are pretty basic.  The real challenge for it will be sewing the leather.  It is going to fit in great for one of the Stashbusting themes.  I look forward to it.

Then there is my new renaissance costume.  I have been planning this thing for over 2 years now.  I have pretty much everything I need, except some trim, and it is time to finally make this happen.  I have been putting it off partially out of fear and mostly because of the time I know I need to put into it.  The last noble gown I made took me 6 months to complete and it didn’t have nearly the amount of bead work this one will have.  I will need to start this project within the next couple of months to make sure I have it ready by September/October.  This is definitely going to be a posts of the process project.

Finally, after all of the costuming craziness is done, I want to make myself another winter coat.  I have a few techniques that I use that I have not seen anyone else post about that I want to share.  They make coat construction amazingly easy and not nearly as intimidating as I used to think it would be.

In between those big four projects I do want to sew at least one garment a month that fits into the Stashbusting themes.  This is because there are some themes that I have never tried and I think it is high time to change that.

Whew!  No pictures and all talk about plans.  If you made it though this entire post, thanks for reading.  I am impressed that you stuck out all my babbling!  Now what are your plans?


Unintentional Sewcation

Last week I took the whole week off from work because I had bronchitis.  Boo!! It was no fun at all.  I hated not being at work.  I contemplated only taking a day off until the doctor called to check on me and said if I didn’t take all the time he recommended it could very possibly turn into pneumonia. Boo!  So, a week it was.  Now, I am not the type of person who can just lay around for a week doing nothing. Even when I am sick.   Instead I picked some super easy sewing projects I could tackle and surprisingly I got quite a lot done.

Simplicity 1317

To start, on Tuesday, I thought I would try out Simplicity 1317, view E. I had not made this pattern before but I was dying to try it. I love the length of the sleeve. I used 3/4 yard of gray metallic chevron, I picked up from Jo-Ann’s a couple of months ago, for the front and back and 1 1/2 yards of gray ponte also from Jo-Ann’s over Black Friday.  I underlined the front and back with the gray ponte to give it more weight.  It was the right call to underline it as I am beyond in love with this top.  The pattern is super easy and quick to sew.  It has 5 pattern pieces!! That’s it!

Then on Wednesday I made Eric a new fleece blanket that I had been promising for a couple of months.  I picked up the fleece for it during the Black Friday sale at Jo-Ann’s.  I used 4 yards of solid royal blue fleece as an underlining for 4 yards of plaid Indianapolis Colts fleece.  He really liked the weight of the no sew blanket and requested it be two layers.  I don’t have any pictures of it, which is pretty common when it comes to things I make for Eric.  But this blanket was meant to replace one of those no sew fleece blankets that he had received as a gift several years ago.  This one, however, is a snuggie at his request!  I used a long since discontinued McCall’s pattern.

Musings of a Seamstress

Then on Thursday I decided that since I still had 2 1/4 yards of the gray metallic chevron left I would make the vintage McCall’s 8991 top I had made in October.  This was originally what I had intended to make with this fabric when I  bought it, so I was pleased that I could get both this top and the Simplicity top out of it.  I used only 1 3/4 yards.  I love this pattern as it is only 2 pattern pieces, with 4 seams.  Normally so super quick!  It took me an hour to cut and sew it as I was feeling pretty awful by Thursday and I was also watching Bomb Girls on Netflix.  On a side note, if you have not seen Bomb Girls, go watch it now and then watch The Bletchley Circle after that!

Simplicity 1317

Since I still had more episodes of Bomb Girls to watch I decided I would make view of Simplicity 1317 since the version I made on Tuesday worked out so well.  This time, for the front, I used 3/4 of a yard of leftover pink and gray stripe from when I made the other version of McCall’s 8991.

Musings of a Seamstress

For the back I used 1 3/4 yards of the same gray ponte from my first version.  This version has long sleeves as well as a band around the hem.  I love this version just as much as the first.  I plan on making a couple of other versions of this pattern with some of the new fabrics I got from Girl Charlee.

Musings of a Seamstress

After I had gotten both tops cut out I realized I had exactly a 1/2 yard of each the gray chevron and pink and gray stripes left.  In the best interest of not putting them back into the stash I decided to make infinity scarves from them.  I think they both work well for scarves.  I think that I am going to put these in my Etsy shop though.  Two tops from each of these fabrics is enough of these prints for me, so I might as well put them in the shop to raise more money for our adoption.  I will have to get some other photos of each one before I can do that though.

All in all, I used 15 1/2 yards of new fabrics in 3 days and ended up with 3 new shirts, 2 scarves and a blanket!  Pretty darn well for being sick if I do say so myself!


Share My Stash Update

Musings of a Seamstress

I wanted to share a quick update on how well this went!  I could hardly believe it.  I had anticipated 10-20 donations and was prepared for that.  I went to bed shortly after posting my giveaway/fundraising attempt to several different sewing Facebook groups.  While I was sleeping my post went crazy!  I checked first thing in the morning and found we had received nearly 70 donations.  I went to work vowing to find lots of boxes and start a list of donors.  Two hours into work and we received close to another 30 donations.  At that point, I posted that I had to stop accepting donations.  Where was I going to get 100 boxes to ship?  How was I going to fit 100 packages in my car?


It took a couple of hours once I got home to sort through all the donations. I also researched alternative shipping options and I decided on shipping in those Priority flexible envelopes.  It will be easier to transport them this way.  So I ordered 100 of these envelopes from the USPS website and they should arrive within the next day or two.  The other thing I decided was that I am going to have to do multiple shipments.  When I was thinking 10-20 donations I knew I could easily handle shipping that, but 100 is going to be way more than I had intended.  So the fabric goodies will have to go out in waves.  Please be patient with me in that respect.  I did get a few envelopes from the post office this past weekend and have started packing up the first orders, which will ship out tomorrow.

The picture above is a fraction of the fabrics I have pulled out ready to be packaged!  I am keeping track of how much is actually going out.  I am excited to see what that final tally will be!  I promise to share that with you all too.

So are you curious as to what our donation total is?


After Go Fund Me and PayPal took out their fees we received a total of…


Can you believe it?!?!?  I know I couldn’t when I first added it up.  I am so incredibly blown away by the support of our online sewing community once again.  In less than 24 hours we became 1/10th of the way closer to our adoption goal!  There are some other things in the works that I cannot talk about that are very promising as well.  For the first time since starting our fundraising journey, I feel like I can see the light at the end of this tunnel and the beginning of our adoption journey.

The Great Destashing

Oh my gosh!!  I am blown away by the response to this post.  I seriously anticipated maybe 10-20 donations.  As of right now, we have received nearly 100 donations.  Seriously, thank you for all the support!!  Because of the overwhelming response I am going to have to put a hold on any more donations until I can get caught up.  This is possibly going to take me a few weeks to get everything double checked, packed, and shipped.  I want to make sure I am not leaving anyone off.  Plus, I don’t think I could fit this many packages in my car to take to the post office. 

Stay tuned for future destashings!

Let me get straight to the point.  I want to give you my fabric!  Yes, you read that right! Take my fabric!  Please!  You know you want it!

Why am I giving you my stash?  A couple of nights ago on Twitter I shared a pic of my sewing room and the maybe 6 feet of space I had to walk around in.  Then yesterday, I was trying to locate some particular fabric, which I never did find, and was stabbed in the toe by a straight pin in my fabric.  Oh and I was wearing shoes at the time.  Not cool.

  My stash is getting out of control!  I have been stressing about it and have not bought a great deal of fabric this year as a result.  Now, I am not saying that is bad by any means, but I don’t want to stress about it anymore.  Sewing is supposed to be relaxing and fun.  I don’t want to feel like I can never keep up.

 I am out of space to put my fabric away so it goes on top of any flat surface I can find.  For real!  These lovelies deserve to go to a seamstress who will actually use them.

So here is what I am proposing.  If you want a fun mystery box of fabric from my stash, it is yours!  I will pick a few pieces of goodies from my stash and ship it to you.  Each box will have at least 3 yards of fabric plus some other fun sample fabrics.  I am guessing that I can put some sort of sequin fabric in every box too!  I am going to make that a personal challenge.


Now this can get expensive on my end for shipping all of these lovely goodies to you to make gorgeous things out of.  I estimated it to be between $7-$10 based on weight for domestic.  So what I am asking is that you make a small donation of $5.00 to our adoption fund to help cover shipping costs. I am willing to do international shipments with a larger donation.  All the donations will stay in our adoption fund and shipping will still come out of my own pocket.

So what do you say?  Are you in?  I hope so, because of all these pics you see it does not even show all of my fabric stash.  There is more! Can you believe it!

 So, if you want some make a donation of $5.00 or more click on the Paypal link on the sidebar.  Make sure you enter the address you want it shipped too and a note saying “Share your stash”.

Please help get the word out and share this post as well!  I really want to de-stash and raise money for our adoption!

A Bit of Catching Up

Pardon my absence as of late.  So much has been happening that I have hardly done any sewing let alone plan out a post.  So I thought I would share a bit of an update.

Musings of a Seamstress

First,  I got a new car!!  It is a 2014 Nissan Rogue.  I have been driving it for 3 weeks now and I love it!  Awhile back I said that there were two absolute musts before Eric and I adopt and the biggest was getting a new car.  My previous car was a 1995 2 door sport car with 185,000 miles, not really something you want to drive babies around in.   We were able to finally make this happen and I could not be happier.  This will be the car we drive our babies around in.  That is exciting to think about.

Musings of a Seamstress

The other thing that we have been plugging away on is a bathroom remodel!  Shortly after we moved into our house four years ago we discovered that the downstairs bathtub had a hole in the pipes causing water to pour out to our slab base and slowly leak out onto our tile floor. The only way to fix this was to rip out the entire bathroom to get to the pipes.  We have spent the last three years buying all the things we needed to complete the remodel and we started it almost two months ago.  We have discovered so many crazy things in the process, like there used to be a window in the bathroom that was left in unsecured to the studs and just had siding placed over it with no insulation.  GREAT!  I will be finishing repainting the ceiling this weekend and then we can start installing all the new fixtures. I will definitely have to share pics once it is done because it is quite the transformation.  It will be a bit before we take on any other remodeling projects though.  So much stress!!!

Musings of a Seamstress

If that wasn’t enough stress, my company is also moving from a small town to Indianapolis!  I am so excited about this.  It will be great for the company.  Luckily my commute will stay the same.  Our company has been in this small town for 28 years, so moving the whole company is quite an undertaking.  Do you know how much stuff is accumulated in 28 years?!?!? Whew!  We had a fabric sale, which of course I was all over.  I got quite a few goodies as you can see.  I took home a total of 17 yards of sequins awesomeness.  One of them has already been cut for a new Summer Concert Tee.  I will hopefully get to sew it over this long holiday weekend.

Musings of a Seamstress

One of the other things I acquired was a new to me dress form.  Right now I am calling her Brokedown Betty.  As you can see she has been well used.  She is just about my size so I am planning on padding her out just a little bit and making a new cover for her.  Soon she will be Beautiful Betty.

Musings of a Seamstress

Lastly I did make a new pair of pajamas!  I made them because I took a business trip to Atlanta with my bosses.  We went to a sewing and manufacturing trade show.  It was awesome!  I used 5 yards of flannel from the stash that I got this past Black Friday.  I love these.  The shorts are made with Butterick 5153 and the top is Butterick 6837.  It is the second time I have made this style of top but only the first time I have made it for myself.  I definitely see more of these in my future.

I still have one more outfit to blog about that I made way back in April.  I need to get some good pics of it soon and then I will share it.

Day 315: McCall’s 6442 Review

Musings of a Seamstress

 As promised I took pics of my new coat today.  The women I work with loved it!  I am ready to make another coat now.  But it will have to wait until after Christmas!  Speaking of, I am going to be getting some serious time off for Christmas and New Years.  Like, six or seven days off!  That is going to be some fantastic sewing time!

McCall’s 6442

Musings of a Seamstress



Pattern Description: MISSES’ COATS AND BELT: Lined, wrap coat, semi-fitted through bust line, has waistline seam, covered shoulder pads, side seam pockets and flared at lower edge. A,B: self-lined hood. B: cuffs. C: notched collar. A,C: purchased belt.Musings of a Seamstress
Pattern Sizing:A5(6-8-10-12-14), EE(14-16-18-20) I made a size 10.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?Yes, completely!

Were the instructions easy to follow?Not sure. I didn’t use them. I did look at the instructions for attaching the sleeve lining and I was far from impressed. I did things my way.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I love everything about this pattern. My only complaint would be there are no belt loops to secure the belt.

Fabric Used: I used 4 1/2 yards of a woven wool blend. It was cut in two pieces so I had to use more than the envelope stated. I also used 2 1/2 yards of red satin charmeuse for the lining and 6 yards of white flannel for an underlining. It was really narrow flannel so I had to use a lot more.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
I made a muslin to check fit and found that I didn’t need to make any changes to it.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
Yes to both! I am wanting to sew the collared version as a double breasted solid collar. I definitely want to add some closures to the next one and remove the belt to make them look as different as possible. If you have not tried this pattern yet, do it right now!

I cannot even tell you how much I love this coat. It was incredibly easy to put together. It was tedious, but easy. I think all in all I put between 25-30 hours of work into it.

Musings of a Seamstress

 Check out this EPIC hood!  It is huge!

Musings of a Seamstress

Back view.  The proportions of the skirt and upper jack look odd in this pic, but it is only because of where I have the belt tied.