Day 252: Perspectives on Adoption

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Since I do not really have a lot going on right now other than work, I thought I would share a couple of open adoption related posts.


The first is about the Beauty of Open Adoption.  I can relate with the authors sentiments.  This is the ideal situation, to have an open, healthy and active relationship with the birth family, not just the birth mother.  Just like the author stated, Eric and I know that this is not necessarily what we will end up with. But we will be happy with and respect whatever decisions the birth family makes in that regard.

The second is about the process of adoption told from the perspective of two hopeful adoptive fathers.  While their blog has a humorous aspect, it is still very relevant. I appreciate the humor because the journey through adoption is a roller coaster of emotions.  We have not even gotten to where these future fathers are and already I know that I have had some highs and lows on this journey.  Sometimes a little humor is the only way to push through the hard times.

I hope you enjoy both of these articles!  Please consider taking a moment to donate to our adoption fund.  We have a long road ahead of us and are very appreciative of all the financial support we have received since beginning my Adoption Dress Project this year.  Remember, when you donate $10 you can sponsor my dress for a day and pick the theme of my outfit!  Donations can securely be made through our secure PayPal donation page.

So come on, give me a good outfit challenge!

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  1. If you want another perspective on the whole open adoption thing, I do know a family who’s been doing that. (Not well, as she’s a friend of a friend that has since moved and I’ve lost touch with her, but enough to be facebook friends.) The son is through a very open adoption, and they also recently adopted a daughter, but I think that situation is quite different. But she does blog about her journey through it, at In case you find that useful. :)

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