Once upon a time there was a girl called Gingerilocks.  She went for a trip through her craft room.  Pretty soon she came upon a box of patterns.  Gingerilocks was feeling creative so she dove right in.  She looked at the patterns for shirts.
“This shirt is too hot!” she exclaimed.
So, she looked at patterns for dresses.
“This pattern is too cold,” she said
So, she looked at patterns for shorts.
“Ahhh, this pattern is just right,” she said happily and she set it aside.

After she’d found the pattern she decided she needed fabric.  So, she walked into the closet where she found the fabric stash..  Gingerilocks pulled out the first fabric .
“This fabric is too perfect” she exclaimed.
So she pulled out a second fabric.
“This fabric is perfect, too!”  she whined.
So she tried the last and smallest piece of fabric.
“Ahhh, this fabric is just right,” she sighed.

Gingerilocks was very inspired by this time, so she went straight to work.

She sewed the first pair of shorts, but they were to small.
Then she sewed the second pair of shorts, but they were too big..
 Then she sewed the third pair of shorts and they were just right.
The End!

I hope you have enjoyed my retelling of Goldilocks.  A few quick stats about the shorts. I made all of these at the end of May.  I used the exact same pattern for all 3 pairs because I love this pattern and it can be used to create so many different looks.  The pattern is OOP Simplicity 3690. All the fabrics used came from my stash.

1st Pair: Awesome Batman facings!

For the first pair:
1 yd icky green duck cloth
1/4 yd Batman cotton
1 – 7″  lime green zipper

For the second pair:
1 1/2 yds dark denim with no stretch
1/4 yd yellow gingham
1 – 7″ navy zipper

3rd Pair:  Brocade details. Next year I am making full brocade shorts.

For the third pair:
1 1/2 yds dark denim with shimmer
1 yd cream brocade
1 – 7″ cream zipper


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