McCall's 6073 M6073

I know I said I would only post a weekly review of my outfits, but I was just so excited about my new McCall’s 6073 maxi dress I had to post it now!

Musings of a Seamstress M6073This is one of the four garments that I have made over the last two months that has gone unblogged about.  Today it was a warm 77 degrees.  Perfect temperature for sandals and a maxi dress.  I choose to wear the dress with one of my white cardigans today, but the denim jacket I recently made (also unblogged) would look great with the dress too.

This is only my second version of this particular pattern and I don’t know why.  I love this style.  My other version from 2012 is one of my favorite maxi dresses, so I feel like I should have made several others since then.  My review from then still stands.  I didn’t change anything from that

M6073 Musings of a Seamstress

For this version I used .5 yard of black ponte knit from Fabric Mart and 2.5 yards of black and white chevron ponte knit from Girl Charlee (I’ll leave this here, just in case.)  Both of these pieces came from the stash, purchased last year.  The total materials cost for this dress is $10.13.  Yep, $10.13!  I know that I could not buy a similar dress for that cost…ever!
So, where did the inspiration for this dress come from? Pinterest, of course!  First, the dress teal and leafy print dress here.  The style is
exactly what I made and love, but I was also intrigued by the idea of a print bottom with a solid top.  Then I found the  chevron dress here.  Now, as a bigger busted chica this version would not work well as I would not be able to wear a regular bra.  Too bad though because I do not have any dresses with this neckline.  Maybe someday in a shorter version. Anyways, getting back to the inspiration, I looked at my stash and realized I had the amazing variegated chevron and a solid black ponte.  It was a divine moment.

M6073 Musings of a Seamstress

The clouds parted, the sun shone down on me and angels sang.  Just for a moment all was right in the world.  Divine I tell you!

How many more versions of this can I/should I make?  The verdict is still out.



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