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B5616 front

Hey, Sewists!  I am blogging over at Cali Fabrics today about my new waxed denim jacket!  This was my first time sewing with waxed denim and I am in love with it.  Read all about over on the Cali Fabrics blog.

Stay tuned to my blog next week.  I am still packing my sewing room and am planning a fabric sample sale.  Details will follow next week on that.


Me Made May Day 5

Musings of a Seamstress Simplicity 2227
Here is my outfit for day 5 o Me Made May!  The skirt is a self drafted skirt that I made almost 7 years ago.  The denim jacket is one of my newest makes that I had not blogged about yet.  After posting my new dress yesterday, I decided I am going to wear all the new things I have made that remain unblogged so I can remedyDenim jacket that this week.

For this jacket I used Simplicity 2227 view C.  I used 1.5 yards of a non-stretch denim that has been living in my stash for at least 8 years.  I know that I bought it from Jo-Ann’s but I have not a clue as to how much I paid for it.  I also used 7 antique gold metal buttons from the stash, so I am counting this as a free project.

A big thank you goes out to all those who commented on Facebook and Instagram with which button I should use.  Every single person said the gold.  Even those who said they normally like Inside facingsilver, picked the gold.  I am so glad I asked because they are perfect with the jacket.

I really like the way the facing turned out.  Normally I am all for linings in jackets because I feel like it gives them a better structure and more tailored look.  However, with the darts for shaping and the heavyDenim jacket weight denim, I feel that the lining is not necessary.   I even prewashed this denim and it is still stiff and holds it’s shape well.  I wore this all day and it never once started to feel worn out or droopy in the sleeves.

I believe I am going to get a lot of wear out of this jacket this season.   This was the jacket I made intending to wear with yesterday’s dress, but works well with this skirt today.
Denim Jacket

Now, this is an out of print pattern, but it is still available on Simplicity’s website.  If you do own this and haven’t tried it, do it soon.  If you do not have it, I recommend picking it up before it is gone forever.

You can ready my full review of this pattern on Pattern Review.