May the Fourth be with you

Happy May the 4th to all my fellow Star Wars sewing nerds!  I think today is such a fun day to show off my geeky sewing side.   I was so excited when I found this Star Wars knit at Jo-Ann’s back in March.  For the longest time, sewists options have been limited to woven cotton fabrics printed with our favorite characters and fandoms.  I enjoy sewing woven fun geeky dresses but a geeky knit dress…that is game changing!  What’s even better is the print features Princess Leia, R2D2, and Ewoks!  I am also excited that I am hosting the Stashbusting Sewalong this month with the theme of sewing inspired by movies/TV/novels.  How fitting that this theme was picked for May!  Ha, I love it!


This is my second version of the recently release Bella Sunshine Designs – Sahara Dress.  I still believe it is a really fantastic pattern.  For this version, I did choose to make the lower neckline version, which is only an inch lower.  That one inch is not a big deal, but it does allow for some other necklace options.  I am on the hunt for a big chunky costume piece necklace now.

The only change I made to the pattern was in how I cut the skirt.  The pattern features a full circle skirt with no seams.  I chose to make it a full circle with side seams because of the print.  If I had left it as intended the print would have been upside down in the back and right side up in the front.  That is not really the look I was going for, so side seams it was and it worked really well.  I placed the pattern piece on the fold and added 3/8″ to the side seam for seam allowance.


One of my favorite features of this pattern is that back neckline scoop.  Gosh, it is just a good flattering back neckline.  It is a little bit more revealing than a standard higher back without actually being immodest and showing my bra.  I also love that the bodice is fully lined, making it so you have a clean finish.  I did choose to topstitch the neckline because, personally, I like that finishing detail but it is not necessary.  I think that the lining also helps give the bodice a bit more tummy sucking in shaping too and who doesn’t want that?!

I am considering this fabric stash fabric, even though I recently bought it in March.   I bought it with no project in mind and knew it when I brought it home I would put it on the shelf with the rest of my stash.  I did use all 3 yards that I had bought as well as a half yard of white jersey for the lining that was purchased in 2014.  I am pretty pleased that I didn’t let that linger too long and used an even older stash fabric on top of that.

Earlier, I mentioned that this pattern features a full circle skirt.  Do you know what the benefit of a full circle skirt is?  Maximum twirl factor!  After working in the show choir industry making dresses that satisfy this twirling need, I am excited to be able to have it in my everyday dresses.  It is just plain fun!  I am excited to be able to wear this dress this to Gen Con this year and C2E2 next spring.  When I wear my geeky printed dresses to Gen Con I tend to get stopped and asked where I got it.  I think I may need to get some new business cards printed now.

Stay tuned this month for more geeky Star Wars makes for my husband and some Gilmore Girls inspired makes for myself.

**I am an affiliate for Bella Sunshine Designs and do receive a small commission for each pattern purchased through the link in this post.  With that being said , I would not be an affiliate if I did not truly believe in the company behind the pattern.

August Round Up

August was exciting and busy busy busy!!  We went to Gen Con and the Ohio Renaissance Festival this month.  Of course I made several different costumes for others to wear.

Musings of a Seamstress

First was Gen Con in the middle of the month.  Eric is in the black and wore the same costume from last year. A couple of his friends joined us this year and I made a costume for one of them.  I spent a lot of time on this pattern.  I patterned the whole thing from scratch!  I made a prototype, a muslin sizing version and then the final version.  I wish I had taken more photos throughout the process though.  I didn’t even take other photos than this of him in the costume.  I still need to make a few fit alterations to the belts and shorten the cloak a bit more though.

Musings of a Seamstress

We decided to go to the renaissance festival yesterday for their opening weekend.  We were joined by some of our great friends.  The last time they went with us their oldest, who is now six, was only one.  So of course the boys needed costumes and their dad needed a new doublet. I had already promised Eric a new doublet a while ago.  Because I am a professional procrastinator I waited until the last minute to make all of these.

I worked on Eric’s every night for an hour and a half or so after work last week.  It took me all week doing it this way.  For his I used all stash fabrics!h

1 1/4yds dark blue diamond weave home dec fabric

1/2 yd of black faux leather

1 3/4yds of black cotton

I also added 6 large 1 1/4 inch buttons and a braided trim at the seam of the blue and black.  I do not think this faux leather will hold up well though.  We will see how long it lasts.

So Eric’ took me until Friday night to finish and we went to the ren fest on Sunday.  Let that sink in for a moment.  I made 2 pairs of boys pants, 2 boys doublets and 1 adult doublet in 24 hours! Yep,24 hours! I for seriously stayed up for 24 hours sewing.  I finished and had just enough time to pack our costumes and head out to Ohio with a large Redbull.  No sleep was worth it because those boys looked so freaking adorable.  All three used all stash fabrics as well!

For dad’s I used:

1 3/4 yds of black cotton bottomweight twill

1 3/4yds of black cotton

I also used 6 of the same buttons I put on Eric’s.  Those buttons have been in my stash for a few years because I got them for my pirate coat that I never made.

Both of the boys doublets have faux chemise sleeves attached.  It saved me time and I thought it would make them more comfortable.  They loved these and even picked out the fabrics a couple of weeks ago.

For the littlest I used:

1/2yd red twill

1/2yd black cotton

1/2yd muslin

1/2yd of black cotton twill

4 small black frog closures


For the oldest I used:

1yd gold brocade

1/2yd black cotton

1/2yd muslin

3/4yds black cotton twill

I am guessing I will have to make new ones for them next year since they are growing like crazy!  I am okay with that though because I really enjoyed making these and seeing them running around having so much fun.

For September I had wanted to start making a plan for fall sewing but that is going to have to wait for 6 weeks! Starting this Friday I will be 1 of 6 contestants in Fabric Mart’s 2nd Fabricista Fashion Challenge.  I am super excited for this challenge and honored to be chosen to compete with such amazing talent.  Keep and eye out for those posts and vote for your favorite garment each week!

March Round-up

So here it is, very nearly mid-April and I have yet to post about the awesome sewing I did last month.  To be honest, I haven’t even photographed any of it yet.  So this will be a mostly boring post without pictures of the cool things I did.  I did do quite a bit of sewing though.  I started work on a Star Wars costume for a client/Eric’s friend.  I patterned out pants, a new version of the undertunic I did for Eric’s costume, a new overtunic with epic hood and a new tabbard pattern.  I made muslins of all four.  The pants and the overtunic I finished to make them wearable for Eric.  See, his friend lives in Alabama so I made the muslins in Eric’s size so he could show the client when he went down to visit two weeks ago.  Yeah, I made these things nearly three weeks ago and still no pictures!

While Eric was down there I did sew my Shieldmaiden costume for March of the Shieldmaidens. So far I have just the dress done.  I still need to make my apron and beaded strands for it.  I plan on wearing this costume when we go to the ren faire this year.

I also did make the two Summer Concert tees that I actually blogged about already!  I’ll count that as a win.  Here are my stats for this past month.


2yds printed knit  – STASH (Concert tee)

2yds burnout knit – STASH (Concert tee)

2 3/4yds black woven – STASH (costume pants)

4 1/2yds muslin – STASH (undertunic muslin)

4 3/4yds muslin – STASH (overtunic muslin)

4 1/4yds hunter green moleskin – STASH (Shieldmaiden costume)

For a grand total of 20 1/4yards of stash fabric out and nothing, and I mean NOTHING, came in.  Not even a bit of free fabric made it into my house this past month.

Giving up new fabric acquisitions for Lent was the best decision I could have made.  There are a few piece of fabric I have been eyeing in various places but I have done very well so far this year.  So well, in fact, that I am confident I can really curb my fabric addiction this year.  I do know I at least want to buy some fabric when I am in New Orleans because that is my kind of souvenir and I will probably go out on Black Friday in November like normal.  Other than that I may allow myself to buy a few more yards, but I really want to focus on making a sizable dent in my stash this year.  Being a quarter of the way through the year and 48 yards used, I think I am well on my way to being able to use 200yds in a single year.  I think that will be my goal for the rest of the year.

I have already started this month out great too by using 6 1/2 yards so far.  Some of which I just cut today for my weekend projects.  Hopefully I will be in a photogenic mood next week that I can take pics of the new stuff I have patterned and sewn.