Last weekend the hubs went to Alabama to see one of his friends and I stayed home.  I took this time to do a little selfish sewing and enjoy my alone time.  I ate foods that I love and he hates.  I got caught up on Downton Abbey and started rewatching Sex and the City.   I set my cutting table up in the living room on Friday and cut out fabric for 4 new tops for myself.  On Saturday and Sunday I sewed up those tops.  It was amazing and super productive!  So here are some quick reviews of my makes with links to the full reviews on the PR site.

S2365 view A front S2365 view A front detail

First up Simplicity 2365 in view A.  I used 2 yards of crinkle chiffon from the stash.  I cannot say how long I have had this fabric but I know it is at least 5 years.  I also know it came from Jo-Ann’s, probably their Red Tag section, but I do not know how much I even paid for it.  I also used 7 – 5/8″ red buttons from the button stash.  This top was an unexpected win too.  I wasn’t sure how it would turn out but it is my second favorite top out of the bunch.  I am going to have to revisit this pattern at some point this spring.

S1317 v3 Front S1317 v3 back

My favorite top is Simplicity 1317, view E.  I used 1 1/2 yards of Black Ponte Knit from Fabric Mart and  1 yard of Taupe Ethnic on Black Wool Dobby Hi Multi Chiffon Fabric from Girl Charlee.  Both of these were stash fabrics purchased last year.  This is the third time I have used this pattern and I have plans to make even more versions.  This is a great weekend casual top.  Total fabric cost for this one is $9.65.

S1280 view B ft S1280 view B bk

Then I made Simplicity 1280, view B, out of 1 3/4 yards of Taupe and Black Peachskin from Jo-Ann’s.  This fabric is the only fabric I purchased in February and it was bought specifically for this top, so I am going to count that as a win.  Total fabric cost for this top is $12.23, making it the most expensive of the bunch.  That cost is still not to shabby though.  I am trying to make a more business casual work wardrobe and this top will fit in nicely.

B5954 View B front B5954 back

Lastly, we have Butterick 5954 in view B.  I used 2 yards of stashed Grey and Lilac Stripe Ponte from Fabric Mart that I purchased last year.  Total fabric cost of this top is $9.58.   This is my least favorite make.  I love the high low aspect, but the fit is all off.  I made this based off of the finished garment measurements not the size measurements and it is way too big.  I could have easily gone down a size.  There was also way too much flare in the bottom causing it to look like a tent on me.  I took out about 8 1/2″ inches but could use to take out even more.  I plan on taking out all the flare from the center back seam so that it comes straight down and will not fold over on itself like it is doing in the picture.  I really like this fabric and I want to save this garment from being in my top 5 worst for 2015.

All in all I had a great 3 days of sewing.  I may have neglected a few chores around the house but the world did not end because of it.  I so very rarely get so much time by myself so I wanted to take full advantage of it.  In the process I discovered that I really like cutting out multiple projects at once.  I felt like that was a big reason why I was so much more productive.  I tested that theory again this past week by only cutting out two garments and I was able to get both sewn up on Friday.  I am going to try it again this week.  If it continues to work like it has I should be able to use at least 100 yards of stash fabric this year!



  1. S1280 is on my sew list for spring/summer too! I hope it will work with some cotton lawn that I just got from Fabric Mart. I need to find some other patterns that will work as I got four prints from their last cotton sale. I’ll have to look at S2365. Thanks for the reviews!

  2. With a weekend setup like you had, I don’t blame you for skipping the housework! The pleat detail on the back of the Butterick top is interesting, so I hope you can figure out a way to make it work for you.

  3. i love the pintucked top too.wish we had joannes here so i could get simplicity on sale.Even my other patterns i have to order through BMV as our local fabricland doesnt offer sales on those any more.Thanks for sharing your creativity it is inspiring 🙂

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