August was exciting and busy busy busy!!  We went to Gen Con and the Ohio Renaissance Festival this month.  Of course I made several different costumes for others to wear.

Musings of a Seamstress

First was Gen Con in the middle of the month.  Eric is in the black and wore the same costume from last year. A couple of his friends joined us this year and I made a costume for one of them.  I spent a lot of time on this pattern.  I patterned the whole thing from scratch!  I made a prototype, a muslin sizing version and then the final version.  I wish I had taken more photos throughout the process though.  I didn’t even take other photos than this of him in the costume.  I still need to make a few fit alterations to the belts and shorten the cloak a bit more though.

Musings of a Seamstress

We decided to go to the renaissance festival yesterday for their opening weekend.  We were joined by some of our great friends.  The last time they went with us their oldest, who is now six, was only one.  So of course the boys needed costumes and their dad needed a new doublet. I had already promised Eric a new doublet a while ago.  Because I am a professional procrastinator I waited until the last minute to make all of these.

I worked on Eric’s every night for an hour and a half or so after work last week.  It took me all week doing it this way.  For his I used all stash fabrics!h

1 1/4yds dark blue diamond weave home dec fabric

1/2 yd of black faux leather

1 3/4yds of black cotton

I also added 6 large 1 1/4 inch buttons and a braided trim at the seam of the blue and black.  I do not think this faux leather will hold up well though.  We will see how long it lasts.

So Eric’ took me until Friday night to finish and we went to the ren fest on Sunday.  Let that sink in for a moment.  I made 2 pairs of boys pants, 2 boys doublets and 1 adult doublet in 24 hours! Yep,24 hours! I for seriously stayed up for 24 hours sewing.  I finished and had just enough time to pack our costumes and head out to Ohio with a large Redbull.  No sleep was worth it because those boys looked so freaking adorable.  All three used all stash fabrics as well!

For dad’s I used:

1 3/4 yds of black cotton bottomweight twill

1 3/4yds of black cotton

I also used 6 of the same buttons I put on Eric’s.  Those buttons have been in my stash for a few years because I got them for my pirate coat that I never made.

Both of the boys doublets have faux chemise sleeves attached.  It saved me time and I thought it would make them more comfortable.  They loved these and even picked out the fabrics a couple of weeks ago.

For the littlest I used:

1/2yd red twill

1/2yd black cotton

1/2yd muslin

1/2yd of black cotton twill

4 small black frog closures


For the oldest I used:

1yd gold brocade

1/2yd black cotton

1/2yd muslin

3/4yds black cotton twill

I am guessing I will have to make new ones for them next year since they are growing like crazy!  I am okay with that though because I really enjoyed making these and seeing them running around having so much fun.

For September I had wanted to start making a plan for fall sewing but that is going to have to wait for 6 weeks! Starting this Friday I will be 1 of 6 contestants in Fabric Mart’s 2nd Fabricista Fashion Challenge.  I am super excited for this challenge and honored to be chosen to compete with such amazing talent.  Keep and eye out for those posts and vote for your favorite garment each week!


  1. It’s nice that you were able to bust so much stash for these costumes! And wow, 24 hours straight sewing. I think my eyes would cross, lol. Everything looks great, and I hope you had fun at the Con and the Faire!

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