What started out as taking a short breather, unintentionally, turned into a year-long break from blogging. Last year at this time a few big life-changing events took over my time resulting in blogging being pushed off to the side. I never intended to let it go on this long though. So, what life-changing things happened in a year’s time? I started teaching an adult intro sewing course once a week for a local community education program. The course runs for 10-14 weeks four times a year. I had been loving teaching it until Covid hit and the last two semesters were canceled. My fall semester should be starting again mid-September and I am looking forward to getting back too it. In addition to teaching, I was knee-deep in alterations work last year. Proms took over the first half of the year and bridal took over the second half. Unfortunately, my alterations work also took a huge hit due to Covid with proms being canceled and weddings delayed. I had been planning a short alterations hiatus for June and July but the pandemic sped that up a bit.

The bigger more exciting of the changes is this 10-pound squish! Those of you who follow me on Instagram or Facebook have already met him, but if you have not, let me introduce you to my son, Charlie.  In August of last year, we really started going full-on in the fertility treatments. If you have been around here long enough you have probably seen my past posts on our infertility struggles and adoption plans. Well, moving back to Illinois changed everything! On my Instagram highlights, I go into a lot of detail about our journey over the last 12 years if you are interested to learn more. He arrived at the end of June in a dramatic fashion that resulted in a 10 day stay in the NICU. This story is also on Instagram in my feed. I am happy to say we are all home doing good now and figuring out our new routines. I am hoping he will allow me some time to start sewing again soon.

I’ve missed blogging and sewing, for that matter, but I am ready to jump back into sharing my makes in this space. There are definitely some changes coming here too. I don’t yet know what direction I want to take my blog in but I do know I want it to be more than just my review of a pattern. Maybe some sort of start to finish walk-through of a project along with new tutorials and hacks posts. I also want to freshen things up a bit too, so expect to see a new layout and header. I am going to play around with a few options over the next couple of weeks before I commit to any single one look in particular. I want to post more frequently than I previously did but that will depend on what new direction I take and require way more planning than I am used to. We will see where I end up. I just know that with this new season of life I have entered the blog needs to change and grow too.

Talk to me. How are you doing with the pandemic? Are you sewing more or less?


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