So here it is, very nearly mid-April and I have yet to post about the awesome sewing I did last month.  To be honest, I haven’t even photographed any of it yet.  So this will be a mostly boring post without pictures of the cool things I did.  I did do quite a bit of sewing though.  I started work on a Star Wars costume for a client/Eric’s friend.  I patterned out pants, a new version of the undertunic I did for Eric’s costume, a new overtunic with epic hood and a new tabbard pattern.  I made muslins of all four.  The pants and the overtunic I finished to make them wearable for Eric.  See, his friend lives in Alabama so I made the muslins in Eric’s size so he could show the client when he went down to visit two weeks ago.  Yeah, I made these things nearly three weeks ago and still no pictures!

While Eric was down there I did sew my Shieldmaiden costume for March of the Shieldmaidens. So far I have just the dress done.  I still need to make my apron and beaded strands for it.  I plan on wearing this costume when we go to the ren faire this year.

I also did make the two Summer Concert tees that I actually blogged about already!  I’ll count that as a win.  Here are my stats for this past month.


2yds printed knit  – STASH (Concert tee)

2yds burnout knit – STASH (Concert tee)

2 3/4yds black woven – STASH (costume pants)

4 1/2yds muslin – STASH (undertunic muslin)

4 3/4yds muslin – STASH (overtunic muslin)

4 1/4yds hunter green moleskin – STASH (Shieldmaiden costume)

For a grand total of 20 1/4yards of stash fabric out and nothing, and I mean NOTHING, came in.  Not even a bit of free fabric made it into my house this past month.

Giving up new fabric acquisitions for Lent was the best decision I could have made.  There are a few piece of fabric I have been eyeing in various places but I have done very well so far this year.  So well, in fact, that I am confident I can really curb my fabric addiction this year.  I do know I at least want to buy some fabric when I am in New Orleans because that is my kind of souvenir and I will probably go out on Black Friday in November like normal.  Other than that I may allow myself to buy a few more yards, but I really want to focus on making a sizable dent in my stash this year.  Being a quarter of the way through the year and 48 yards used, I think I am well on my way to being able to use 200yds in a single year.  I think that will be my goal for the rest of the year.

I have already started this month out great too by using 6 1/2 yards so far.  Some of which I just cut today for my weekend projects.  Hopefully I will be in a photogenic mood next week that I can take pics of the new stuff I have patterned and sewn.

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