Over two weeks ago the hubs and I went to St. Louis for our 5 year anniversary.  It was a blast and I highly recommend this as a vacation spot for everyone, but especially families!  Why you ask?  Well, of course you have to go up the Gateway Arch.  It has an amazing view and the ride to the top seemed straight out of a Men In Black movie.  You climb through a 4ft tall door and ride in a pod (pictured at right). 

Aside from that the city is very family friendly.  Their City Garden is like a water park and arts garden all rolled into one.  The water fall is set up so you can play around in it. 

They have one of the coolest water fountains ever! Please pardon the graininess of the image.  They also have giant sculptures that you can climb on.  The best part is that everyone treats these things with respect.  Nothing is trashed or destroyed.  They have security guards who patrol the areas in the evening but while we were there it was full of families and children enjoying the park. 

The other, most majorly awesome reason to go to St. Louis is the zoo, history museum, art museum and science center are all FREE!!  That’s right I said free and they are all located within the same area.  We only ended up going to the art museum and the history museum since this was just a weekend trip.  The history museum did have a fantastically unexpected surprise for me though.  They are currently running an exhibit called Underneath It All, which examines undergarments from Victorian all the way to Victoria’s Secret (present).

Let’s just take a moment to talk about how I almost peed my pants because I was so excited!  I ran through the exhibit so quick, taking pictures of just about every single garment they had on display, that I didn’t read any of the little placards that they had with each piece.  Not that I really needed to, Eric said they just told what each garment was and why it was worn.  I pretty much already had that covered.  I was so excited that whilst running through I didn’t pay very close attention to the photos I was taking and so quite a few are a bit blurry.  But here are just a few of the gorgeous things I saw.

Pannier, more from the 1700’s than Victorian.
Detail of a very old and very worn corset.
Love the pleating detail of this bodice.

This is in the top of my fav’s of all the gowns we saw.
The fabric is gorgeous!  I believe it was probably silk taffeta.
And check out the pleats on the skirt!  It’s some sort of double box pleat craziness!
Hoop skirt
The brocade for this was absolutely stunning.
Look how tiny that waist is compared to the bust and hips!  Talk about hourglass shape.
This lace was so intricate and beautiful.

The beading!  Look at the beading!

This dress needs no words! 

I want to wear this dress now!

Look how pointy the boobs are! 

This surprised me!  It was from the 50’s.  Very saucy for the time period.

The print and the pleating are perfect representations of the 60’s

Haha love it!
These underwear were encased in glass.  Why?  Because they are paper!

I have probably over 100 pictures from just this one exhibit.  If you are anywhere near St. Louis go and check this out!

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