Welcome to week 6 of the Sunday Lately series. If you are new to Sunday Lately, it is a weekly series for the Blogger Tribe featuring three prompts to get us writing and sharing our stories from the past week. Each blogger can interpret these topics however they choose in their post. Then we all link back to Katy to share with each other. This week we are talking about needing, cooking, and hitting.


What I really need right now is some decent weather. I have a stack of garments waiting to be photographed but the weather has been so cold. I just do not want to venture out in my latest spring/summer dress makes while it is still below 20 degrees. If not for some warm enough weather, I am hoping for some sunny days that I can at least get some okay indoors shots that are not too dark.


This past week, I haven’t done as much cooking as I normally would, but I still made some really great meals. I have the most amazing brownie recipe pinned. This week I made it for the second time and it doesn’t disappoint. Also made this week were chicken enchiladas in green sauce and glazed orange pork chops. Tonight, I will be making shrimp fettucini alfredo and later this week will be grilled steaks with parmesan risotto. I make my alfredo sauce from scratch and it is so good. This is the recipe I use for it.


I have been hitting the snooze button all week. With the crazy cold weather, I have gotten sick. It was bound to happen sooner or later this winter. Other than sleeping in I hadn’t really felt the effects of it until this weekend.  So I am laying low and relaxing in hopes that it won’t last long.

Check out the FB Blogger Tribe group for a list of future Sunday Lately topics. I hope you will join us! What are you needing, cooking, or hitting this week?

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