Hey friends, Happy National Sewing Month! I wanted to share a quick update of what direction I am planning on taking this space. I mentioned wanting to change the direction of my blog to Eric and he has been helping me to focus and make a plan. It has seriously been helpful to take my generally vague idea and turn it into a real actionable plan.

I love teaching the sewing 101 course here locally. I really enjoy sharing my knowledge and passion with others and seeing them learn and enjoy themselves. It has really sucked that my spring and summer courses were canceled. Right now it looks like my fall course may also be canceled due to it needing to be held in the high school where the equipment and space are. What I teach in my course is the base inspiration for what I will be sharing here. Just some basics, including techniques, terms, and tools to get started.

What isn’t going to change is me sharing my makes. I still want to share finished garments and reviews of the pattern along with fabrics used. I do, however, want to expand on that. Instead of it just being my finished garment, I want to make each garment a series of posts with step by step walkthroughs. Everything from how I choose my pattern and fabric combo to explaining what the instructions are telling the sewist to do. I want to break it all down for new sewists to be able to easily understand and pick up this hobby. We all know big 4 patterns and some indies can be challenging to new sewists. The instructions tend to be light on the details and expect the maker to already know everything there is about how to sew. It can be intimidating and overwhelming to even get started. I want to help others push past that mentality.

With all of this, I have determined there are some things that would be easier to teach and understand through video tutorials, so I will also be launching a Youtube channel. This will have quick easily digestible videos on how to do certain techniques, like how to install a zipper in under 3 minutes.

I don’t have a set relaunch date in mind just yet. I want to have a handful of posts written and ready to publish before then. I have quite a few topics selected but not all written up yet. Is there anything you have been curious about how to do that I can add to my list?

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