Day 49

I promise.  I did not intend for us to be sorta matchy this morning.  Aren’t we cute though?  Anyways, Eric is in the picture with me today so we could show off the new vest I made him this weekend.  Also, I am really loving the combination of my red sweater with the navy dress and black and white striped scarf.  So, far this red sweater has been a real winner for me.

But back to the vest!  Here is a closer up shot.  I used my TNT Simplicity’s Project Runway 2870.  This is the third version I have made him.  For this one I used 1 yard of J. Crew plaid from Fabric Mart at $1.99/yd and 1.25 yards of black lining that I got for free from my old job and 10 buttons.  Approximately,  this vest cost a total of $5.00.  I say this is definitely a winner for that price!  I didn’t try to match up the plaid on the center front and I am now kinda regretting that.  It is just slightly off.  Overall though I am very pleased with this.  It fills one of the gaps in his work wardrobe.  Not sure what I am going to make him next though.  Possibly another vest from the brown J. Crew plaid I ordered at the same time I got this.  Although I am thinking maybe some brown faux leather accent pockets.

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