Guess What I Did!

I got my very first tattoo!!  Of course it had to be a sewing related tattoo!  What else would I get?  I got it on my forearm.

Here is a close up of it..  I promise the red in the needle is supposed to be gray.  Since it is so fresh it is just a little blood there.  I love it and cannot wait to go back for more. 

**Update** Just to show what it currently looks like now that it has healed.

4 responses to “Guess What I Did!

  1. How fun! Tattoos fascinate me but I don’t do well with needles so I’ve been too chicken to get one myself.

  2. Cool tat, if I wasn’t such a chicken I would love to get a sewing related tatoo.

  3. congratulations on your first tattoo and a lovely one at that!!

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