Another week has come and gone so quickly.  Can you believe that we are only days away from it being March?  This year seems to be flying by already.  In conjunction with the Blogger Tribe, I am back this week with a new installment of Sunday Lately. Sunday Lately is a weekly opportunity to reflect upon my week and other thoughts through themed topics.

Sunday Lately


I haven’t completed a lot during the week, but this weekend I did complete two more pieces for my PR and SSW capsule wardrobe.  I have three garments done and seven more to go by the end of March.  I think I can still do this.  I need to pick up the pace a bit since I still have two pairs of jeans to make.


I can say with absolute satisfaction that I have not been visiting any fabric stores this past week, or month for that matter. Now, I have been browsing online, but I have not bought a thing!  Trust me, the urge to go purchase new fabric is strong, but I have managed to stay away.  My sewing room thanks me for not bringing in anything new.

On a side note, I have been contemplating signing up for the Murder Mystery Quilt since the first of the year.  The deadline to sign up, February 29th,  is quickly approaching.  If I do this I would have to purchase new fabrics to make the quilt.  However, the idea is so cool that I want to join in.  Every month you receive a new bit of the murder mystery story and you make a quilt block that will give you additional clues to solve the murder.  At the end of the year you have a completed quilt top and a fun story in how you got there.  This sounds like a fun sewing community event.  The only problem is, I am still hand quilting the quilt I started in 2009!


What I thought to be a little cold has turned into a big stinking pain in the rear sinus infection.  It seems like every year, at about this time, the weather starts changing and I get super sick.  I have gone back to start drinking a hot cup of water with a bit of raw honey and fresh lemon juice every morning.  I did this all fall and I didn’t get sick nearly as bad as I normally would have. Plus the tart tangy-ness  of the lemon gives you a great kick start.


A couple of weeks ago I did schedule out what I would be posting about for the month of February.  I had it set up to post three times a week.  Well, that didn’t happen.  This sinus infection has drained me so much that I still have not photographed my Jungle January top or the three pieces I have made for my capsule collection.  The even sadder part of this is that it was so nice out yesterday and would have been perfect to go take some pics, like seriously 70 degrees in February.  I had no desire to make myself presentable for photos.  Alas, no new blog posts, but I do at least have the reviews typed up and ready to go.


Eric and I started looking at hotels for our Niagara Falls trip.  I didn’t get one booked yet because I cannot decide.  If anyone has been there let me know what your recommendations for hotels would be.  We also were going to go get our passport photos taken this weekend but, again,  I did not feel up to it.  Next weekend, there is always next weekend!


  1. That Murder Mystery quilt along is such a cool idea. After getting over my last sickness, I took a ton of photos on Friday. So glad I did ’cause I feel something else is coming on.
    I hope you start feeling better soon Sarah. Maybe your cat is trying to point out where the sickness is.

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