Wow, once again another month has just flown by.  Whatever happened to the days when we were younger and the days and months just felt like they dragged on forever.  What I wouldn’t give to feel that way again.  Now it seems like I blink and another month has past.  I have so many topics I want to post on, but I keep pushing them off resulting in only writing up my monthly reviews.  Bad blogger, bad!!  I will try to get better for March.  I promise.

I did do a little bit of sewing this past month resulting in me using 12.75yds of stash fabric!  First I made two Wild Kratts Creature Power suits for my nephews. I used 1 yard of black fleece that I bought on Black Friday for this purpose.

I also made myself two pairs of pajaMusings of a Seamstressma pants using B5153, my go to pajama pattern.  I used 3 yards for each pair.  That is six yards of stash flannel gone! Woohoo!  While it is not red, to keep with February’s Stashbusting theme, I think pink is close enough.  Also,  I think I am going to count both of these as my ugliest fabrics.  I liked them when I bought them, but after getting them home they just seemed like too much for pajama pants.  What’s worse is I still have more of the houndstooth one because I was intending it for a top and bottoms.  Now, I cannot even begin to imagine how crazy I would look covered in pink and black houndstooth.

Musings of a Seamstress

I did also get the lining for Eric’s Albion coat, using another 4.5 yards.  I still haven’t finished it though.  All I have left to do is attach the lining and sew on the toggles.  So close to being done.  I need to finish it this week, end of story.

I only made one impulse fabric purchase this past month. Woohoo!  I was killing time at Jo-Ann’s while Eric was getting his hair cut and stumbled upon this black and cream peach skin.  I saw it and touched it and walked away muttering that I didn’t need it.  Then I kept thinking about it and decided I was lying to myself and went back for it.  I am glad I did because there was only 2.25yds left.  I got it all and I know exactly what I will be making with it, another version of Simplicity 1280 with the crossover and sleeves.  Even with that purchase my stash is still down 10.5 yards this month, so I will count that as a win.

For March I have some big plans!  I want to make a couple of quick tops for myself, finish up some alterations and UFO’s, and make the chemise and corset for my next renaissance costume.  I have been putting this costume off for far too long and it is time to get going on it.  I also want to write a tutorial for the Wild Kratts costume I made since I could not find any descent ones I liked.

What are you planning for March?


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